Strong Academics Illuminated by Revealed Principles

Academics alone, as C.S. Lewis stated, “seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” The values and principles of the gospel, taught in connection with academics, are inseparable. True education, therefore, must educate the heart and the mind. Learn how your family can receive the fruits of a Christ-centered, LDS-oriented education.



Something for Every Family

Homeschool, public school, charter school, private school…
Full-time, part-time, on weekends or around the dinner table…

Latter-day Learning provides a comprehensive array of resources designed to allow any family to easily adapt, supplement or replace as needed or desired.



Someone for everyone

Booker T. Washington said, “The older I grow, the more I am convinced that there is no education which one can get from books and costly apparatus that is equal to that which can be gotten from contact with great men and women.” Our focus on providing access to mentors and trainers, and online and off-line opportunities to connect with each other, enables success in the often lonely world of homeschooling.



Sacred Mission with Proven Methods

Latter-day Learning is the worldwide outreach of American Heritage School—a non-profit, independent and accredited school founded in 1970. The mission and methods that inspire the words on every page, the objectives of every lesson, and desired outcomes of each activity or assignment are blessed by nearly five decades of refinement and results.