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Latter-day Learning Provides Resources For:

  • Preschool–Grade 6 Homeschools
  • Grade 7–12 Homeschools
  • Co-ops and Academies

For Preschool–Grade 6 Homeschools

The Family School curriculum provides a solution for new or experienced homeschoolers of Pre-K–6th grade age children. It is simple to teach, accessible on all devices, and affordable. It is comprehensive and straightforward for a successful start into the world of homeschooling, but also customizable as a supporting resource for the “veteran” homeschooler. Most importantly, it provides a rich experience in strong academics all in harmony with the revealed principles of the gospel.

Teach Once—Learn Together. The Family Schoolincorporates the enriching and time-saving method of the one-room schoolhouse, allowing parents to teach multiple children of various ages together. Lessons can be taught by parents or older children—younger children can learn from older siblings—all can complete age-specific assignments and activities provided at the end of each lesson.

Comprehensive. Family School is a six-year, asynchronous program—meaning you can go in any order and at any pace. Each “Year” contains 35 beautifully crafted lesson plans in history, literature, science, and geography; and 18 lesson plans in art, and music; and 5 foundations lessons for laying a foundation at the start of each year (180+ total). Math and language arts curriculum recommendations here.

All At Your Fingertips. TheFamilySchoolOnline.org is your portal to this comprehensive resource; however, we also provide a complete array of supportive printed materials. Teacher manuals, flashcards, timeline cards, handout packets, and handwriting practice packets are some of the resources provided on the LDL Store.

Affordable & Accessible. For as little as $29.99/mo., access TheFamilySchoolonline.org on any computing device, from anywhere in the world. Available in over 80 languages! All memberships are automatically converted each March to our “year-round” $19.99/mo price for existing families.

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For Grade 7–12 Homeschools

Latter-day Learning provides three options for Homeschoolers in grades 7–12:

For further information, visit the Grade 7–12 General Information Page.

Our curriculum and courses are:

  • Academically Rich. Refined over 46 years by Latter-day Learning’s founding institution, American Heritage School, these courses help educate the hearts and minds of youth through proven content and methodology.
  • Gospel-based. Compared with other private and public curriculum options, Latter-day Learning gives students the LDS-oriented, moral education of courses taught in light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Character-focused. As students reason true principles from their learning, they develop character and self-discipline of mind and body. They learn to view education as preparation to be useful in the hands of the Lord in building the kingdom of God on earth.

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For Co-ops and Academies

Latter-day Learning Co-op and Academy Support Program provides curriculum and training resources to co-ops and independent academies for $150 per month, which includes:

  • Access K–12 Family School curriculum for up to ten family accounts (unaccredited)
  • Access trainings for co-op/academy leaders regarding co-op/academy leadership and operations
  • Access trainings for parents and mentors regarding effective teaching methodology
  • Add additional K–12 family licenses for $15 per family, per month

For further information, visit the Co-op and Academy Support Program FAQ Page.

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