Our Method

The 4R MethodEach lesson of The Family School uses proven methods that have been refined at American Heritage School over more than four decades. These methods develop a love of learning and learning habits that will prepare children for successful life-long learning. Many of the methodologies we use were adopted from the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE)  and adapted with a restored gospel perspective. These methods are fundamental  to the program. Our methods to accomplish our objectives and standards include a Christian view of children, the Principal Approach®, governmental thinking, timelines, the 4R method, word studies, notebooks, memorization, character charts, and celebrations. 

Family School Foundations: A Parent GuidebookA comprehensive overview of these methods and philosophies are included in the Parent Guidebook (pictured here) that is included in every purchase of The Family School. This guidebook provides a complete overview of The Family School, the foundation methods used, and four “foundations week” lesson plans designed to be taught during the first week of school each year.